Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kudos to....

Ben for his recent posts on Independence Day. And not to embarass him, but his recent work also tells us a bit about the wonderful way courtship can work when father, daughter, and suitor work together.

(oops...did I just embarass Ben? Sorry!)

The Brothers Bayly for recent posts on the use of the "evangelical" label, and also about Biblical positions on divorce and remarriage.

Now what does this have to do with anything I might have to add to the conversation? Well, not much at first glance, but I've been mulling over the power of rightful praise in the Christian life. All too often, "blogging" degenerates into the cyberspace equivalent of a barroom brawl, and we ought not forget that when we allow it to do so, we say something about the work of our Savior in our lives.

Something unprintable. Yikes.

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Uncle Ben said...

Embarrassed? Not at all. :) We had a wonderful time. We did ATVing, some lounging about in the sun, a bit of cooking, did some beadwork (well, I watched) and just enjoyed the time together (with everyone).