Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Your tax dollars at work

Evidently, the BLM is considering ever more costly ways of dealing with wild horses in the desert West. The rationale is that if they don't, these beasts will over-graze and destroy desert habitats.

Hint to the BLM; horses are made of meat, meat that has a ready market in Europe and around the world. There is at least one family in Minnesota that would love to give it a try. Instead of spending taxpayer dollars to control these animals, why not turn it into a revenue source?


Gino said...

in the past, (1990's), these horses would be rounded up for market. laws have since changed, making it impossible.

i brought this up to the woman who trained my daughter to ride. she mentioned, in so many words, that these horses have no other worthy purpose.
they cant be tamed easily, and will almost never make good riding horses. the feral spirit is too strong. and they are damgerous and unpredictable when brought to captivity.
she also added, very few farriers will shod one of these beasts, that is, IF you can find one at all that will do it. too dangerous.

and you cant fool a horseperson by passing one of these off as a captive bred. the yrs of feral breeding have left them very disquishable in their physical characteristics.

Bike Bubba said...

Well said--plus, they're delicious and make wonderful leather! What's not to like?