Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This surprised him exactly why?

Apparently, a young man trying to live as a woman was turned down for a job by a local McDonald's, and is now taking his (ahem, not "her") case to the press and possibly the courts. Somebody seriously need to take this boy aside and tell him that if his appearance induces nausea, there is an obvious reason he isn't going to be hired at "Chez Mac."

Side note: due in part to the loving care they received from their late grandmother--enjoying brie and chai with them by age three--my children would probably inform me that it would make perfect sense that a McDonald's worker would induce nausea. After all, doesn't their food do just that? It's just truth in advertising, after all. :^)


pentamom said...

Because if everyone is turned off by his appearance, it's their problem, not his. He's still entitled to a job.

You just haven't fully appreciated the Generation Y narcissistic mentality that the Boomers spent so much energy creating in their kids and students!

pentamom said...

The grammar of the article is pretty entertaining.

"Bellamy is a male who has been living as a female for about the past six years. She said she..."

Wait. Bellamy "is a male," but in the next sentence is "she?" I guess it depends on what the meaning of is, is!

I pity the poor reporter who had to figure out how to write all that.

K-Rod said...

"He's still entitled to a job."

You just knew it didn't ya, that that phrase, to me, is much worse than nails on a chalkboard!!!! Arrrrrrrrggggggggggggg Stop it!


Equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

It had the same opportunity to apply for the job an anyone else.
Trolling/shakedown businesses for a settlement is wrong. This is a great example for having to pay legal fees if you don't win.

Pilgrim said...

What a bummer. This only ends with a settlement, a job for this boy, and a massive corporate S.O.P. revision stating that all sexually confused men and women are to be hired on the spot. Corporations can't tolerate ethical judgments which do not relate to financial profit, and so they'll buckle to this nonsense.

pentamom said...

K-Rod, I hope you realize I was being facetious.

K-Rod said...

Yes, I realized it.
That's why I jokingly said you did it just to irk me. I know that you know that it is like nails on a chalkboard to me. ;^)